Calm the Anxious Thoughts.

Control the Mind Chatter.

Find Joy and Happiness.


You want to be happy, joyful and hopeful about life. But you feel sad, scared, hurt and lonely.

Your thoughts and feelings are stressful. Sometimes you are not sure why.

Fears and anxious thoughts have taken over your life.

You want to leave the house but you are sometimes too anxious or too sad to step out.

Your mood is low and you are withdrawing from friends, family and life in general.

Relationships are not fulfilling and not really what you desire for yourself.

Life seems to be filled with fear and very little joy, but you want to be happy.

Take Control of Your Life Now


Take control of your life regardless of the sadness, hurt and fears, and your current relationship status.

Reduce stress, fear and insecurities. You can learn to be in charge of you!

Find life's daily joys and delights.

Practice taking care of your mind, mood and body without all of the unwanted thoughts and worry.

Learn to let go of expectations that aren't really yours. How awesome that will feel!

Have nurturing and caring relationships  with family, friends, and coworkers.

How Can I begin to Take Control?

Schedule a visit with me today at 402-981-6624 

When we work together, you will learn stress-busting skills.  

You will get tools to calm the worry thoughts and mind chatter.

We work on goals that are meaningful to you.

You will begin to feel more secure in who you are and want to be.

We work together as you take steps towards a happier, joyful life.

You learn to be in charge of your feelings regardless of depression, anxiety, relationship status etc. 

You learn new ways of seeing things and coping with stress, anxiety and depression.


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More About Me

I am a licensed Independent Clinical Social worker in Omaha, Nebraska. 

I am compassionate, straightforward and down to earth. I absolutely love to listen to your stories of challenges and triumphs as I get to know you and help support you in your journey to self-discovery, growth and healing.

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If you are looking for someone who will challenge you to create a life you love, call me now.

Ready to Take Control?

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