Feeling Depressed, Hopeless and Helpless?

People do not choose to be depressed. People with depression might notice they are more irritable. They might stop smiling or finding joy and good in life. They might stop enjoying time with family or engaging in activities they once enjoyed. People with depression often isolate from loved ones. Some can’t sleep or sleep too much. Some are not eating well or overeating. Most things begin to look bleak and gray. Some have described this as an oppressive or heavy feeling. 

Depression can occur when everything seems to be going well. But depression can be present when it becomes difficult to meet one’s needs for safety, love, shelter, connection and understanding. People can be depressed during difficult times when it seems all that could go wrong have gone or are going wrong. 

Have you noticed these symptoms?

Do your loved ones have these symptoms? 

Remember that everything changes and nothing stays the same. This can be so with depression.

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