Feeling Down?

Feeling like nothing will ever change? 

Are you waking up feeling exhausted?

Are you feeling hopeless and helpless?

Are you sleeping too little or too much?

This is how depression affects people. Depression makes you think and feel that you can never be happy again. These negative thinking patterns contribute to the feeling of hopelessness and helplessness. 

Have you noticed these symptoms?

Do your loved ones have these symptoms?

Depression drains your energy and zest for life. You no longer have pleasure in the things you once enjoyed. Depression feeds off your life. 

Most things begin to look bleak and gray. 

Depression can occur when everything seems to be going well.  But depression can be present when it becomes difficult to meet one’s needs for safety, love, shelter, connection and understanding. People can be depressed during difficult times when it seems all that could go wrong have gone or are going wrong. 


Help is available.

Depression will not disappear overnight. When you work with me, 

You can expect to feel more connected and happier.

You'll feel more joyful and find life more pleasurable.

You'll learn to challenge negative thinking styles. 

You will work on resolving some stressful practical problems.  

You will shed the oppressive feeling as your become happier and more uplifted!

Be more hopeful and energized.