How Do I Know Therapy Will Help Me?  

Kudos to you for the courage to give therapy a try!  Many studies have shown that therapy works particularly on the long term. Therapy can be scary just like any unknown.  Do ask questions when you come in so that you can get a clear idea of how I work. We will also check in with each other as therapy progresses.

Closer to home, many of the clients I work with have expressed some of the following  after some therapy sessions:

  • they feel better
  • they have gained some perspectives on their challenges
  • they have identified recurring patterns
  • they have learned some healthier coping strategies
  • they feel generally more hopeful


What Do You Do When I Come to Therapy? 

Early in session, we get to know each other and build a therapeutic relationship. Please note that therapy is about you and your goals. Our relationship is such that your time with me is about you! I cannot guarantee that all your goals will be achieved but you can be sure that we will collaborate on the goals that are most important to you.  


How Many Sessions Will I Need? 

It depends. Because you are unique with unique needs, I can’t tell you exactly how many sessions. However, therapy is time-limited and we can discuss this when we meet. I have clients who wish to address a specific issue/situation and will leave therapy once this is resolved to their liking. I also have clients who are in therapy for longer periods. We will mutually decide when therapy is to end.

Sessions are 50 minutes in length. 


Can I Afford Therapy?

The average cost of an individual session is $90. Couples and family sessions cost more. I also accept many forms of insurance, credit cards, cash and checks - We can discuss your payment and insurance options when you call..


Do You Accept Insurance?

I accept some insurance. Please click on the Insurance button. I also accept cash and credit cards. If you have a copay, it’s due at the time of service, Please note that you are responsible for bills that are not paid if denied by insurance. 

If you have out of network services, you will be provided with receipts for payments made for your submission to your insurance service.


How Can I Find You?

For a free phone consultation, or to schedule an appointment, call me at (402) 981 - 6624 or contact me here.