What is DBT?

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Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) was originally developed by Dr. Marsha Linehan. DBT emphasizes commitment to learning new skills, replacing behaviors that do not work and finding solutions to problems that affect our lives. DBT is effective for treatment of individuals who struggle with suicidal thoughts, self-harm, roller coaster emotions of anger, shame, guilt, addictions, depression and more.

DBT skills are really life skills that can enhance the process of creating a happier, purposeful, more confident life in which one is not overwhelmed most of the time. In DBT it is believed that while we may be doing our best we can learn skills to do better. Dialectical thinking encourages seeing both sides of our thinking and behaviors and finding the middle path. It’s a skill worth learning.

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What will I learn in DBT?

When you are in DBT, you are learning DBT skills. The core DBT skills are:

Mindfulness teaches one to be present, to stay in the “here and now.” With practice, we can pay attention to the moment rather than despair about the past and be fearful of the future.

Distress Tolerance: These skills help to reduce intense emotions especially when we are unable to solve the problem at that point in time.

Emotional Regulation: These skills teach how to recognize, describe our emotions, know the purpose of painful emotions and learn not to be so vulnerable. We learn to be in control and increase the positive emotions we desire.

Interpersonal Effectiveness: These skills focus on helping to maintain self-respect and build healthy relationships (with self and others).

Soooo? What will change if I learn DBT skills?

DBT skills are not once and for all. Several cycles of DBT group therapy allow for more exposure and opportunities for learning/using skills. So, outcomes depend on many factors. Severity of the problems, working with the individual therapy, practicing the skills between group sessions and compliance with recommended treatment besides DBT groups.


Introduction to DBT Skills Therapy Groups Wednesday 

8 week cycles


New 2018 DBT Group! 

When: Starting Wednesday January 10, 2018 6:00 pm-7:15 pm

Where: 8031 West Center Road, Suite 307 Omaha NE 68124

What: 75-minute weekly group for adult women only. Limited to 8 adults.

Cost: $35 per group session and some insurances are accepted

Must be in individual therapy to participate in this group

Register today by calling Jumoke Omojola at 402-981-6624